When one thinks of local councils, it is usually about roads, bins, rates and complaints

There is so much more to us …


Office of the CEO – Looks after Marketing & Communications, Economic Development ,Quality & Performance and Projects.

City Futures - The newest team in Council, provides strategic planning frameworks that drives modern and responsive land use.  We also integrate sustainable initiatives into the community.


Community Development - The largest division and frontline of our organisation, includes the following facilities and services: Leisure Facilities (Leisureplex), Libraries, Age Care (Residential and Home Based), Patrol & Security, Recreation Services, Main office Reception,  Youth & Family, Disability.

Infrastructure & Environment - Where do we start to describe what we do? Our main focus is preservation of the road network.  We improve traffic management, construct footpaths, attend to street lighting and improve drainage.  We also look after hectares of public parklands, gardens and conservation reserves across the city.  Pop down to our Eco Education Centre (CREEC) and learn more about the importance of the bushland and wetland areas under our care. Of course we need not tell you more about the importance of our 7 day Waste Management operations – refuge and verge collection.

Corporate Services – Another engine room that delivers essential Administrative, Financial, Human Resources, IT, Records Management and Legal Services.  We could not run our business without these support services.


Development & Regulation – Play a significant role in supporting the Council’s capital investment program,  especially property and local industry development. Key services promote a safe, clean City to include Food and Environmental Compliance Services, Disease Prevention, Investigation and enforcement of laws and regulations that may impact the quality of life of our residents.